Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello and welcome to the first update on the Western Drifters blog. We have just finished the 2007 version of the famed "Mothers Day Caddis Hatch". Due to an unusually early start to the runoff (a 70 year record high for that time of year) the hatch was short lived and somewhat spotty. Having said that many fisherman experienced great fishing with nymphs and dries. Only a couple of days included the "carpet of caddis flies". So many insects that wading fisherman had caddis in their shorts and floating fisherman's open sodas became "protein drinks".
Now is the time that we are scrambling a bit to find clear and fishable water. However, we are not without options. The world renowned spring creeks in Paradise Valley are always a fun and challenging option as are a few of the area lakes.
One of our favorite road trips is to the Missouri River below Holter Dam at Wolf Creek, MT. The fishing for hot rainbows and large browns will continue to get better as we progress towards summer.
Another excellent spot and a veritable fish factory is the Bighon River below Yellowtail Dam at Fort Smith, MT.
Until the runoff starts to subside, the local feeder creeks open (3rd weekend of may) and Yellowstone Nat'l Park fishing opens, these are the waters that we fish. Not a bad time to get some yard work done as well. (that's what Ive been told).
If you need info about guided trips on any waters mentioned feel free to contact We would enjoy the opportunity to show you the waters and environments that we love.

About Western Drifters

Western Drifters Outfitters has been in existence since 1993. The founder, Tony V, became an accomplished fly-fisherman in the 1980s and has been fishing the area waters since 1990 His expertise has allowed him to become one of the top requested guides for places such as Dan Baileys Fly Shop and others in the area. Tony chooses his guides with the same standards he sets for himself. We guarantee the best!