Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 Season

Hello and welcome to the 2009 edition of the Western Drifters Blog. First of all thanks to every one that helped make '08 another great season of fishing, laughs and memories.

Lots of traveling to the Missouri and Madison in June and July gave way to finally fishing the Boulder and Yellowstone in July and August. An overall great season with some old friends and of course some new ones.

The '08 season saw a lot of young people and children enjoying the opportunity to learn about flyfishing and catch trout. With a lot of decrease in youth involvement in outdoor sports, we at Western Drifters encourage you to take a kid hunting, fishing,hiking, skiing etc.

Here are a couple of tips that will help insure a quaility experience.

First pick a time or place that will insure success. This may mean paying to fish at a fish farm for the younger ones, or picking a good hatch period or even hiring a guide. I know that last line sounds like a pitch, but often a youngster will respond to someone other than Dad or Mom when it comes to learning something new or even listening to intense instruction for the older ones. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made having someone else teach my children to ski and how much faster they learned when I wasn't instructing. Keep an eye on the time and have snacks. Small doses will help keep the interest up and food or their favorite snack and drinks are huge. Finally, no pressure. The "out of doors" is a varied and distracting place at times. What started out as a fishing trip may very well turn into a frog catching trip or just an exploration. So when Jr. starts using his Snoopy rod as a weed wacker hand him a stick and stand back. Of course, you will be safe and it won't always be a smashing success, but sometimes it will. Plus what you thought was a complete flop just might turn out to be the "memory" that lasts.

Looking forward to more fishing and fun with you all. We at Western Drifters can provide for your Montana fishing experience no matter the time of year that you can visit. Drop us a line at or call at (406) 222-7364. We would love to see you in our 18th season of Fishing the Best in the West!

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  1. I have some time in late June, is that a good time to come?


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